Experienced Software Engineer (m/f/d) with Affective Computing / Computer Vision background wanted!

You are interested in how social robots can recognize and express emotions? You background is Computer Vision and you have experience using the CMake build system? Then we definitely want to know you. Please write an email to Claude at

navel robotics develops a brand new social robot capable of social resonance trough recognizing and expressing human emotions. We are looking for an experienced software engineer ready to become responsible for porting a collection of open source image processing software libraries on an ARM V8.2 embedded platform and then optimize them for running on CUDA based GPUs.


  • Port open source software libraries on ARM v8.2 processor: source code and CMake files.
  • Optimize open source software libraries for running on CUDA based GPUs with NVidia DeepStream SDK.

Required skills

  • Processor Architectures and Compilers
  • Experience with CMake build system
  • Fluent in C++ and Python
  • Comfortable with CUDA programming
  • Experience with Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Big Plus Skills

  • Experience with Facial Emotion Recognition
  • Knowledge of Affective Computing                            

Remuneration Package

  • Salary
  • Shares

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Student (m/f/d) wanted!
master's thesis, bachelor's thesis, internship

Are you studying and looking for meaningful and challenging development topics in the field of social robotics? We are looking for support in the development of our




It is important for us to give our robot the most vivid expression possible. Data inputs from different sources have to be fused, physiological and psychological models have to be implemented and translated into a good design.
The work can be carried out, for example, as part of a master’s or bachelor’s thesis or in the form of a company internship. If you are interested in this topic, please contact us at We find a good form of cooperation.


Your tasks

  • You will implement and test different models to give the robot a high performance lively facial expression and gaze behaviour.
  • This includes mathematical modeling, fusion, and graphical representation.

Your qualification

  • You are studying computer science, robotics, media informatics or something similar
  • You have very good knowledge in C++, Python
  • Enthusiasm, team spirit and quick comprehension

Our offer

  • You can work on the topic as part of your final thesis or company internship.
  • You will be closely involved in our team and gain comprehensive insights into our startup and our everyday life.
  • Remuneration by arrangement


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